Pension Credit

What is it?

Pension Credit is a new entitlement for Pensioners (See below) that was introduced by the Government from October 2003.

It replaces Income Support (IS) and The Minimum Income Guarantee (MIG). It guarantees everyone over Pension Age (See below) a minimum weekly income of at least:

£151.20 a week if you are single


£230.85 a week if you have a partner

Many people including Carers, Disabled, and others with mortgages will be entitled to more than these minimum amounts. See the amounts Here

For the first time people aged 65 and over will be rewarded for some of the savings and income they have for their retirement with an extra payment over the minimum guarantee amounts above this is called the savings credit.

You may be one of them find out 01387 266 888.


Until April 2010 Pension Credit was available to everyone over 60 who qualified, this has now changed to people over the new retirement age for women which will be much older than 60, enter your date of birth Here to find this new qualifying age for Pension Credit.